Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Hi guys!
I just wanted to write a short blog to tell you that I am really sorry for not blogging for the last couple of months. There has just been so much happening! Pretty much as soon as I landed back on home soil I got really sick and I mean REALLY sick and even had to stay at a hospital for a couple of days...and noooo it was not the swine. But I am ok now and I will get back to blogging as soon as tomorrow...yayy! :)
And don't worry I have heaps to talk about so stay tuned.

Sorry again...and I'll see you soon:)


Thursday, 27 August 2009

The end is near...

So I am in my last week at film school and things are at their most craziest! Unfortunately my stress levels did show their true colors today (I blame the actors that keep cancelling on me at the last minute...ARGH!) while I was getting ready to shoot an interview for my mockumentary and it was not pretty, especially for the poor boyfriend that had to take it on the chin. But don't worry, I made up for it with a delicious spaghetti bolognase and a big fat kiss to say sorry:) More shooting tomorrow but I will try to concur my stress this time as I really don't like myself like that.

I am leaving back to Iceland in 12 days!...Shiiit! Time goes to fast when you're busy as a mofo, jeez! I really don't think the thought of going home is really sinking in just yet but I am predicting that I will wake up sometime next week in the middle of the night in a stress frenzy, worried about getting everything ready and done for the big move again...Ohh well, at least I'll be ready for it;)

I've been shopping a bit lately and I'd like to share the love:

I've been looking for the perfect blazer for ages and I finally found it in Dotti. I nearly didn't see at it was hiding in some corner, not the best selling strategy ever as this is a very popular type of jacket but I managed to snatch it up.

Oxford Flats - Again something I've been looking for and finally found on an unplanned browse in the city the other day and they only had two pairs left and one was in my size...which never happens! Happy days:)

The perfect leopard shirt from Mink Pink.

I've also bought a lot of makeup and skin care products and I will give reviews on them in my next blog.

I'd like to end this blog with the stupidest quote I've heard...ever!

"Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can't help but cry. I mean I'd love to be skinny like that but not with all those flies and death and stuff"
- Mariah Carey

Hope you are all having a good week...xx

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Twin Cat Vintage

I would like to give an honorable mention to one of my favorite, if not my favorite eBay vintage clothing store. Twin Cat Vintage summarises everything I love about stylish vintage gems.
And that's not all. As you can see from the photos above, Twin cat Vintage not only sells beautiful clothes but also takes gorgeous pictures using their stunning models, wearing mostly the clothes that are being sold. It is always a joy for me to check out their listings to look at the TCV eye candy, as I like to call it;)
And the gorgeous girl that started it all is such an inspiration to me because one of my ultimate dreams (after becoming a successful director...hehe) is to one day own a successful vintage online clothing store and then branch out into a real life store on some main street in a fabulously trendy city, Ohh Yeah!
Plus I loves cats so there you go;)

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

.::Home is where the heart is::.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently I have just been stressed out from having too much on my plate this month. I blame the mandatory 3D animation class that I have to attend every Saturday for 6 hours straight...yes, you heard right 6 friggin hours!!! I have really come in touch with my inner nerd in this course and I'm doing better that I thought I would which is scaring me a bit.
My year at SAE Institute is nearly finished (time flies!) and I'm now working on my last major production. I was going for a music video which appeals to me the most at this stage but ended up having this other great idea and doing something completely out of my comfort zone.
And the winner is: A fictional documentary or mockumentary, if using the correct term.
I know, not everyones cup of tea but I have written it about a very interesting subject and hopefully I will keep the viewers in suspense they whole way through. I'm at the stage now of finding actors and polishing up my script but hopefully I will be ready to shoot next week, fingers crossed because there is not a lot of time left...AAAA!

And on that note I am pleased to report to everyone back home in Iceland that I have finally got myself together and booked the trip back home...yayy! Last weekend was all about planning and booking the whole thing and I am very relieved to not have to worry about it anymore.
So it will be bye for now to Australia on the 8th of September and hello Singapore for 2 days. Then off to London for 6 days to do the tourist thing, shopping and visiting my dad. And finally we will be arriving back to our beloved economic-crisis-land on the 16th of September. Aww...no, I don't mean that. I am really looking forward to seeing my family and friends, economic crisis or not. So exited to be travelling again soon:)

My birthday is coming up this weekend and surprisingly I haven't got a lot planned which is totally out of character for me. Normally I would be planning to have a huge party but it's just not appealing to me this year. Cake, drinks and clubbing will be my birthday of choice and hopefully everyone will have a great time.

I've bought a lot of new stuff recently which I will be sharing with you very soon:)

Hopefully everyone is having a great week! xxx

Friday, 31 July 2009

MAC Color Craft Collection

I went into town today with my mind set on MAC's new color craft collection. I had heard so many good things about it and I simply couldn't wait any longer. I am a relatively a new MAC cosmetics fan but I can honestly say that it has been a long time since I've seen such a gorgeous collection! It was hard not to buy the whole thing but I had to be realistic and buy only essentials ...so to speak:)

I walked out with these:

* Daft Pink Mineralize Blush (A lovely pink colored blush that work great as a highlighter)

* Fad-dabulous Minerlize Blush (A rosie colored blush with golden veins)

* Cheeky Bronze Mineralize Skinfinish (a great plum brownish bronzer)

* Made With Love Lipstick

* 2 Color Crafted Lipsticks (such a gorgeous lipstick that i had to buy a back up, can't have that one run out any time soon!)

But for some reason I didn't fall in love with the mineral eyeshadows, although they do look great. The mineral skin finishes were in absolutely gorgeous colors with veins of gold or silver in them and the same with the blushes. They feel really light on the skin but if you are a matte person then these products are not for you.

I am soooo tempted to go out and buy more...aaaa!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

My new obsession

Well folks it looks like I have developed another obsession that will almost certainly send me broke. Hehe...maybe not, but close.
It's not a big surprise since I am a 23 year old female. It was only a matter of time that I started obsessing about cosmetics and everything involved. But it's not like I woke up one day and decided to buy heaps of makeup, no, not the case. Truth to be told, I have been surrounded by makeup and strict beauty regimes since I was a little girl starting with my grandmother having a beauty and cosmetics store before she retired and my mum being a model.
I am a strong believer in taking extra good care of yourself and through the years I have slowly but surely been getting more and more interested in it. I even have more than once considered going to makeup courses.
Though there are a few key factors that recently pushed me (in a good way) into realising that this had changed into something more than just interest and have made me completely hooked.

1. Makeup Vlogs (YouTube): This has been the most inspiration to me. These girls dedicating themselves by posting makeup tutorials on YouTube. I am big follower and subscriber to a few of them that not only offer tutorials but also offer advice, the do's and dont's about makeup, good and bad beauty products, their newest makeup buys and keep you up to date with everything in the cosmetics world...they even test them out for you to see.
If you are keen on beauty products then I recommend that you check these gorgeous girls out!
GypsySayer...Just to name a few. It's easy to find more.

2. Makeup blogs: Is pretty much the same as above except that you can't watch. But I always love reading blogs so this is just a bonus. The same girls that do their Vlogs also have blogs and you can find them on their YouTube site

3. Cheap makeup on the Internet: Everything is cheaper on the good old interweb. Every time I see a bargain or realise that the item is cheaper than in the shops I will be VERY tempted to buy it! And you can also find awesome makeup brands that are not sold in Australia.
Strawberrynet - They ship worldwide for FREE!
Cherry Culture - Gorgeous cheap cosmetics.
eBay - There are a lot of makeup shops on eBay that are cheap as chips!

So I hope you are not too exhausted after all that ranting. But I am hoping to blog more about makeup and beauty products every once in a while.

Feel free to tell me if you know something that I haven't mentioned in this blog regarding any cosmetics or beauty products. I love learning new things:)


Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Etsy finds

I know I am bit late on the Etsy band wagon but better late then never and boy was I missing out. So after hearing everyone raving about this site and me being an eBay-holic I decided to venture out on new grounds to look for new black boots. I didn't find my perfect boots but came out with two other great buys instead. I received my first Etsy packages last week and in them were: The coolest necklace body harness. (Yes, I have been very lazy to DIY one myself but I am supporting other artists, that's my excuse;)) Then these super cool vintage spandex electro leggings. Which I will be wearing next time I go out dancing:)

If anyone is interested then these are the links to the Etsy sellers.
Fashionology-nl (Has moved to ebay)

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Busy weekend...

So I thought I should update you on what's been happening...

Does everyone remember 'Revel8'?? After all that drama two blogs ago.
Well, the film festival was last Friday and like I told you, me and the BF were two of the top 20 finalists. We were a bit worried about the outcome as we had never seen the finished product and the cinema was absolutely packed. So we sat in our seats and listened to the speeches and then it was time...! The BF's film was number 3 and it turned out much better than we thought except that my character looked like a total bitch...yes, the poor audience had endure my terrible acting. One of the reasons that I decided to stay behind the lens...hehe:)
My film was number 17 and I was pretty happy with it but answer me this. WHY oh why would you put a depressing rock song to a 1920's silent era film?!?!?! I honestly have no idea what the guy that scored my film was thinking and unfortunately as a result, my film suffered a tad for it.
It was all in good fun though and the film that won really deserved it.
There is some great talent out there people!
I included photos of the program for the night and marked our films for you.

And those who are keen can go to this LINK and watch all the films.

Also this weekend we were kitten sitting Minty the cat for our friends and we had such a good time with him! What a funny but darling cat. He wouldn't leave us alone the whole time and followed us wherever we went. And when we would sit on the sofa he would demand to lie between us. And last but not least like every cat does he had claimed the left corner of our bed and slept there all nights with us. Then we would wear ourselves out by playing all day long.
A playful yet a very lovely cat...LOVED IT! I miss him already.

Then just for fun I would like to conclude this massive blog with this photo of us from last Saturdays dress up party. What a great night! And if anyone was wondering...I went as an Aristocrat Vampire (think Interview with the vampire) and the BF went as the guy from Clockwork Orange. Good Times:)

Au revoir...x

Thursday, 9 July 2009

My sisters fabulous buttons designs.

I thought I might brag a little about my very talented sister. (on the left of last photo)
She is a natural born designer that has been busy in the last 5-6 years in some of Netherlands best designer schools. I'm pretty sure she has tried everything from interior to clothing designs and even paintings. But personally I think her best talent is her clothing designs and I can't wait for her to give me some of that action!...hehe;)
And as you can see her signature style is 'buttons' which I think is one of her best ideas yet!
Our all time dream is to open up a vintage clothing and interior store but also featuring her work. Probably 50/50. Ahh...will keep on dreaming for a few more years:)

I will be featuring more of her work every now and then and I just heard that she has just started designing handbags! Some company will be helping her with the fabric and stuff so i'ts all very exiting...it's all happening for her:) Hopefully she will be the next big thing in the designer world.

Miss you girl! Can't wait to see you in september...xxx

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Revel-8 Madness

What a shocker I've had in the last couple of days!
Remember a few blogs down I made a black&white film for a film festival called Revel-8.
Well...I should have heard from the co-ordinator long before so naturally I was getting a bit worried. So I sent him a very courteous email asking him if everything is alright. Sure enough the next day I got an email back with my worst fears! There it was in writing, on my computer screen, him telling me that he had not received my film...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
I called Australia post straight away ready with my registered post tracking number then trying to explain to the poor woman (most stressed in my life) my problem. The woman on the phone told me that my package is still sitting in the right post office waiting to be collected. So I rang the coordinator a bit annoyed. Then found out from him that he always checks his mailbox everyday and had never received any notices from the post office. But he told me he would check the next day since it was after hours. Now I was really pissed off! Where was my film?!? My first ever film I made, my baby, my precious (A little LOTR reference, you get the point).
I have never been so stressed in my life those hours I waited for THE phone call.
SO...fast forward to 9am this morning and guess what! On the other end I heard
'GOOD NEWS'! A 100 kilos had been lifted from my shoulders. No thanks to Australia post who didn't even put my package into his Po Box like they should have but my film was found and had been sent straight to Melbourne to be processed. The composers have already started scoring my film and folks you know what that means...I am in the top 20 in the first ever film competition I've ever entered with the first film I've ever made, How cool is that!!!
That was more than I was hoping for and I'm totally over the moon right now:)
And that's not all. Not only did I make the top 20 but the BF also got chosen which is just the best thing ever! :)
So in 8 days we will be watching our own films already scored by professionals on a big cinema screen in Astor cinema in front of sold out seats...yes, sold out already! They are even talking about another screening because it has been so popular this year.

I will soon post about the whole experience.

Until then....Peace out!

Friday, 26 June 2009

Party Animals!

You gotta love those crazy fancy dress parties! What a night that was...
There is always that one or two best parties that stand out every year and this one totally takes the cake this year. The theme was Circus, Cabaret or Crazy club kids.
A bit of a tricky one but I ended up going as my interpretation of a crazy club kid.
Even though the original ones would have dressed more extravagantly than I did but it worked:)
For those who do not know, the crazy club kids was a movement in the 80's where people dressed up...well crazy and spent way too much time in the clubs, clubbing. For those who want more info on that then I recommend watching the movie 'Party Monster' or reading 'Disco Bloodbath'.
A shame that you can't really see the crazy makeup I did on myself that I was so proud of on the photos but you get the idea.

Peace out! x

Sunday, 21 June 2009

.::Ebay Treats::.

As some of you might know, I am a bit of an Internet shop-a-holic and totally addicted to eBay.
You would think that this is a bad thing since I'm a poor student. Well, it's really not. In these terrible economic times I have found the perfect way to get rid of my old clothes that I don't use anymore by selling them and then fill my closet up with new ones with the money that I make ...How awesome is that! The funnest recycling process and what a nice way to combine my love for fashion and Vintage clothing.

These are just examples of the treasures I've won on eBay for bargain prices.

Remember to comment...Peace out!

Thursday, 11 June 2009


Sorry guys for the lack of blogging recently as you remember a couple of blogs down that I have been super busy in the last few weeks and finally I can relax a little...for now!
So I'd like to fill you in of what has been going on in my busy schedule. I ended up being on 5 film shoots in one week so I wont go into major details otherwise I'd be writing all night!

*So lets start with my first baby. My Charlie Chaplin inspired black&white silent film called "The Line" (Photos above). I shot this film for a film festival who is especially for 8mm films. I wont see the finished product until they process the film for me and score it, then show it on a real cinema screen IF I get into the top20. Fingers crossed! It went really well and it even has dialogue cards that I made myself...very arty I know hehe;) I was also very lucky that my actress knew the owner at The Deen, one of the popular nightclubs in Perth who opened it for me just for my film. Lots of fun on that shoot!

*My second baby ("Money well spent") we shot it at my house and at a friends house in Mt Lawley. It also went better than I thought it would even though the day started all horribly wrong!!! I was so prepared for my shoot but it all backfired on me when I actually forgot to set my alarm and I was awakened by my actors calling me from out front, how embarrassing! But I got myself together at lightning speed and successfully shot the film without any major dramas...hurray for that:)

*Later that day we filmed my bf's 8mm film which unfortunatly did not work out as planned:( It was all going really well and as soon as he called "That's a Wrap" his face completely dropped. He had made a really annoying mistake. He had forgotten to adjust the frame rate to 24 frames which basically means the whole film was shot in slow motion!!! OOO the humanity!
He sent it anyway and let's hope for the best.

*The day after we shot my bf's other film which went really well (thank heavens). We all had such a good time filming it because it's such a funny script. And one of the actors just couldn't stop making me laugh which was kind of bad since I was the sound person but what a character!

*And last but not least the weirdest and most randomest shoot ever or should I say moments in my life!!! Straight after the "Money well spent" shoot we got called in to help with an other 8mm film that me and my crew gladly excepted. How we had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into. We turned up to this dodgy as ever house that could easily be knocked down with a toy hammer and the inside matched the outside perfectly. After getting over the mess and the smell of the house they explained to us that the film was about skinheads...interesting. All in good fun, until the house literally got smashed even more and the most disgusting all the hair in the sink after the guys got their hair shaved off for the characters in the film. We left the house for the outside shots and just left the door open without thinking and when we got back there were people inside the house! We managed to find out they were potential tenants looking at a room for rent. That's when we got told that one of the actors had broken into his mates house to shoot the film and he didn't know we were there...SHIIIT! The whole house was more of a mess then it was before and the hair in the sink, people looked at it with disgust and just left. When we had just wrapped on the film the owner arrived and boy was he angry and we got it all on tape hahaha! What a funny situation!
Good times.

Well that's film making for you...not as glamorous as you thought hey.

Stay tuned for more blogs soon and please comment!

Ciao x