Sunday, 21 June 2009

.::Ebay Treats::.

As some of you might know, I am a bit of an Internet shop-a-holic and totally addicted to eBay.
You would think that this is a bad thing since I'm a poor student. Well, it's really not. In these terrible economic times I have found the perfect way to get rid of my old clothes that I don't use anymore by selling them and then fill my closet up with new ones with the money that I make ...How awesome is that! The funnest recycling process and what a nice way to combine my love for fashion and Vintage clothing.

These are just examples of the treasures I've won on eBay for bargain prices.

Remember to comment...Peace out!


  1. Hey there,
    Found your blog just through random links. That blue metallic top looks really familiar... did you happen to remember what ebay store you purchased it from?

  2. jillian-anne: Which jacket?

    mathew: Hehe...thanks:)

  3. Sarah: yeah, it was from 'Foreva Young Vintage' and the girl is from Melbourne...funny that!

  4. Nevermind... I just worked it out and you purchased it from me! So great finding it on your blog after all this time, I knew it looked really familiar.

  5. Are you serious?!? The girl I bought it from got it from an opshop. If this was really your top then this world is turning out to be a little small for my liking hehe;)

  6. Seriously not! Check out my blog, "foreva young vintage" is my ebay store. How random! I was just going through blogs and stumbled across yours, looked at the photos and went "hmm... that top looks like something I sold a while ago".

    Glad to see that you're enjoying it! What a small world.

  7. Hi Sarah!
    Hehe... how funny is this!
    I thought first that you were my friend Sarah who lives in Melbourne and I thought you were her but then soon realised who you really were. Yep I definatly bought this top/dress from you:) I have actually been looking at your blog every now and then and I also saved you as a favorite seller:) Funny that you found my blog!
    And yes enjoying the top very much;)

  8. Blái jakkinn manneskja, alveg klikkaður.

    P.S. Það eru ekki nema rétt rúmir 2 mánuðir þar til við sjáumst, já, ég er löngu byrjaður að telja niður.