Thursday, 16 July 2009

Busy weekend...

So I thought I should update you on what's been happening...

Does everyone remember 'Revel8'?? After all that drama two blogs ago.
Well, the film festival was last Friday and like I told you, me and the BF were two of the top 20 finalists. We were a bit worried about the outcome as we had never seen the finished product and the cinema was absolutely packed. So we sat in our seats and listened to the speeches and then it was time...! The BF's film was number 3 and it turned out much better than we thought except that my character looked like a total bitch...yes, the poor audience had endure my terrible acting. One of the reasons that I decided to stay behind the lens...hehe:)
My film was number 17 and I was pretty happy with it but answer me this. WHY oh why would you put a depressing rock song to a 1920's silent era film?!?!?! I honestly have no idea what the guy that scored my film was thinking and unfortunately as a result, my film suffered a tad for it.
It was all in good fun though and the film that won really deserved it.
There is some great talent out there people!
I included photos of the program for the night and marked our films for you.

And those who are keen can go to this LINK and watch all the films.

Also this weekend we were kitten sitting Minty the cat for our friends and we had such a good time with him! What a funny but darling cat. He wouldn't leave us alone the whole time and followed us wherever we went. And when we would sit on the sofa he would demand to lie between us. And last but not least like every cat does he had claimed the left corner of our bed and slept there all nights with us. Then we would wear ourselves out by playing all day long.
A playful yet a very lovely cat...LOVED IT! I miss him already.

Then just for fun I would like to conclude this massive blog with this photo of us from last Saturdays dress up party. What a great night! And if anyone was wondering...I went as an Aristocrat Vampire (think Interview with the vampire) and the BF went as the guy from Clockwork Orange. Good Times:)

Au revoir...x


  1. Great to see your names on this list, I´m really proud!! og þið alltaf algjörar dúllur á djamminu. Max er sko sætari en Minty og hann bíður eftir að knúsa einhvern annan en mig þó ég sé voða góð við hann he he.

  2. Takk mamma:) Já ég sakna sko Maximusar ekkert smá mikið! En Minty varalgjört krútt líka. Hann minnti mig smá á Max þegar hann var unglingur;) LOVE YA!

  3. Julz... are you seeing someone new now? Can't wait to see you next month. xx Shoshi