Wednesday, 29 July 2009

My new obsession

Well folks it looks like I have developed another obsession that will almost certainly send me broke. Hehe...maybe not, but close.
It's not a big surprise since I am a 23 year old female. It was only a matter of time that I started obsessing about cosmetics and everything involved. But it's not like I woke up one day and decided to buy heaps of makeup, no, not the case. Truth to be told, I have been surrounded by makeup and strict beauty regimes since I was a little girl starting with my grandmother having a beauty and cosmetics store before she retired and my mum being a model.
I am a strong believer in taking extra good care of yourself and through the years I have slowly but surely been getting more and more interested in it. I even have more than once considered going to makeup courses.
Though there are a few key factors that recently pushed me (in a good way) into realising that this had changed into something more than just interest and have made me completely hooked.

1. Makeup Vlogs (YouTube): This has been the most inspiration to me. These girls dedicating themselves by posting makeup tutorials on YouTube. I am big follower and subscriber to a few of them that not only offer tutorials but also offer advice, the do's and dont's about makeup, good and bad beauty products, their newest makeup buys and keep you up to date with everything in the cosmetics world...they even test them out for you to see.
If you are keen on beauty products then I recommend that you check these gorgeous girls out!
GypsySayer...Just to name a few. It's easy to find more.

2. Makeup blogs: Is pretty much the same as above except that you can't watch. But I always love reading blogs so this is just a bonus. The same girls that do their Vlogs also have blogs and you can find them on their YouTube site

3. Cheap makeup on the Internet: Everything is cheaper on the good old interweb. Every time I see a bargain or realise that the item is cheaper than in the shops I will be VERY tempted to buy it! And you can also find awesome makeup brands that are not sold in Australia.
Strawberrynet - They ship worldwide for FREE!
Cherry Culture - Gorgeous cheap cosmetics.
eBay - There are a lot of makeup shops on eBay that are cheap as chips!

So I hope you are not too exhausted after all that ranting. But I am hoping to blog more about makeup and beauty products every once in a while.

Feel free to tell me if you know something that I haven't mentioned in this blog regarding any cosmetics or beauty products. I love learning new things:)



  1. I am getting into make up a lot now too! It is strange because I seem to have quite a lot but I only ever wear concealer, mascara and lipstain. Foundation/blush/eyeshadow if i go out. I LOVE LIP STAIN!
    I love red lipstick but I have seen some recent photos of me with it and I think it is probably too harsh.
    Make up rants!

  2. Loving that your into make up!
    Now I have someone to rant with hehe:)
    Hmm lipstain, thats something I havent gotten into yet. I have tried it but I guess it wasn't a good enough product? Which one do you use??
    And no, red lipstick is never too's classic. I have heaps of them! Use it as much as you want:)