Thursday, 2 July 2009

Revel-8 Madness

What a shocker I've had in the last couple of days!
Remember a few blogs down I made a black&white film for a film festival called Revel-8.
Well...I should have heard from the co-ordinator long before so naturally I was getting a bit worried. So I sent him a very courteous email asking him if everything is alright. Sure enough the next day I got an email back with my worst fears! There it was in writing, on my computer screen, him telling me that he had not received my film...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
I called Australia post straight away ready with my registered post tracking number then trying to explain to the poor woman (most stressed in my life) my problem. The woman on the phone told me that my package is still sitting in the right post office waiting to be collected. So I rang the coordinator a bit annoyed. Then found out from him that he always checks his mailbox everyday and had never received any notices from the post office. But he told me he would check the next day since it was after hours. Now I was really pissed off! Where was my film?!? My first ever film I made, my baby, my precious (A little LOTR reference, you get the point).
I have never been so stressed in my life those hours I waited for THE phone call. forward to 9am this morning and guess what! On the other end I heard
'GOOD NEWS'! A 100 kilos had been lifted from my shoulders. No thanks to Australia post who didn't even put my package into his Po Box like they should have but my film was found and had been sent straight to Melbourne to be processed. The composers have already started scoring my film and folks you know what that means...I am in the top 20 in the first ever film competition I've ever entered with the first film I've ever made, How cool is that!!!
That was more than I was hoping for and I'm totally over the moon right now:)
And that's not all. Not only did I make the top 20 but the BF also got chosen which is just the best thing ever! :)
So in 8 days we will be watching our own films already scored by professionals on a big cinema screen in Astor cinema in front of sold out seats...yes, sold out already! They are even talking about another screening because it has been so popular this year.

I will soon post about the whole experience.

Until then....Peace out!


  1. WOW! That's amazing, congrats to you and the BF, what a fantastic achievement! What's your film about? xoxo

  2. Vááá til hamingju bæði tvö. Ekkert smá spennandi!

  3. Twincat: Thanks bab...very exited! The film is about a guy trying to impress his girlfriend by going to an exclusive club only to find out that there is a big line in front. So he tries all his tricks to get them in but with no success so his girlfriend ditches him and seduces the people in front and goes inside with them. It is very funny and its in the silent era style. The main character is dressed like Charlie Chaplin and I even have dialog cards:)

    mamma: Takk momz! okkur hlakkar ekkert sma til! Eg tek fullt af myndum;)

  4. Veistu, það var þungri byrði létt af mínum öxlum þegar ég las þetta. Sniiilld að þetta gekk og brilliant að þið skulið bæði vera í top20. Ég krossa áfram fingur fyrir þig mín kæra.