Friday, 26 June 2009

Party Animals!

You gotta love those crazy fancy dress parties! What a night that was...
There is always that one or two best parties that stand out every year and this one totally takes the cake this year. The theme was Circus, Cabaret or Crazy club kids.
A bit of a tricky one but I ended up going as my interpretation of a crazy club kid.
Even though the original ones would have dressed more extravagantly than I did but it worked:)
For those who do not know, the crazy club kids was a movement in the 80's where people dressed up...well crazy and spent way too much time in the clubs, clubbing. For those who want more info on that then I recommend watching the movie 'Party Monster' or reading 'Disco Bloodbath'.
A shame that you can't really see the crazy makeup I did on myself that I was so proud of on the photos but you get the idea.

Peace out! x

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  1. Rawrr! look at my macho mustache! Stole it from Burt Reynolds