Wednesday, 6 May 2009

8 random things...

Well folks, I am very exited to report that I have been tagged by Jillian-Anne at
get me out of this city to answer 8 random things about me.
Bare with me as this is the first time I have done anything like this.
This should be fun so here we go...

8 things I look forward to:
Seeing The Presets this Saturday
*Going home to see my family and friends. (I miss the cold too...hehe)
*Drinking Icelandic water and eating Icelandic junk food:)
*Filming my scripted conversation
*Drinking beer this weekend
*Hugging my awesome cat Maximus again
*Having enough money to buy the Levi's jacket that I'm craving for
*To finish my Diploma of screen

8 things I did yesterday:
*Saw Wolverine at the movies
*Cooked delicious gourmet food (spinach pie and bruchettas...mmm)
*Went to class and shot mock ups for the real scripted conversation.
*Bought a really cool faux fur jacket on eBay
*Spent way too much time surfing on the Internet
*Looked for actors to be in my short film
*Read my new RUSSH magazine
*Looked for things to sell on eBay ( there will be heaps new stuff soon)

8 things I wish I could do:
Afford going to the gym and loose a few kilos
*Go to Sydney and road trip the whole east coast AGAIN!
*Go to Roskilda music festival in Denmark in June/July...argh:(
*Backpack through Europe
*To be able to home on weekends
*Sing, dance and play guitar or the drums
*Be more patient, less shy...aand less stubborn;)
*Design gorgeous clothes and DIY my boring clothes

8 shows I watch:
The Simpsons
*The Mighty Boosh
*Sex and the City (will always be addicted!)
*Top Gear
*Family Guy
*CSI and Cold Case
*Secret diary of a call girl
*hmmm...At the movies

Unfortunately, since I am new to the blog world and only have one follower (sad I know) who has already tagged me, so sadly the '8 things' will have to end here.

Hope you'll enjoy my list...and I'd like to see more comments please!!! :)

Until next time...x

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  1. You have two "followers" waiting for you back home, me and Max! Love you darling. momz