Wednesday, 13 May 2009


So me and the BF went to see one of our favorite bands The Presets at the Challenge Stadium last Saturday night. We had been looking forward to this for ages!
We arrived just at the right time with beer in our hands and ready for action.
Boy did they ROCK! This was the 3rd I've seen them and they never fail, just get better and better! Needless to say that we enjoyed ourselves to the max, dancing our arses off and singing to our hearts content, in the best seats in the house:) OOYEAH

And of course we went out to have a huge night out afterwards, no surprises there.
Unfortunately my body hated me so much the day after, dare I say that wearing the wrong shoes has something to do with it...ouch. But I can safely say that it was defiantly worth it!
I will soon post some of the videos I took from the night on stay tuned;)

Until then...x


  1. Voru sick tónleikar. Next stop Cut/Copy vonandi aftur :D

  2. Bara að kvitta fyrir komuna..
    Gaman að geta forvitnast aðeins um þig hérna .. :)

    Hlakka til að sjá þig þegar þú kemur elskan ;)

    Pambli ! ;)

  3. you guys look adorable:)
    thank you for your sweet comment, best wishes!