Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Behind the curtains and Eurovision

I have to start with Eurovision. WHAT A SHOW!
Normally if I am in a different country I would kind of try to hide my heritage and pretend to be like everyone else but this year I was really proud since all the other countries really let them self's down, I have to say. Iceland was the only country really taking it seriously...hmm I would like to think. Can't express my happiness enough though that the two top countries were from northern Europe...what a nice taste of fresh air.
TAKE THAT you close knit eastern European countries, ha ha!!!

Anyway, I'm rambling on but I wasn't happy about being away from home, especially when we came in second place. I really missed out on all the crazy Eurovision parties with those very much missed drinking games and don't forget a HUGE good night out!

WELL on to the update of my student filmmakers life...
I have quite a lot to to talk about as I am entering a blizzard of work...craziness days ahead!

I finally finished my documentary about homeless young people the other day and let's just say that I wont look at it again for years...glad to have that off my hands.
Then as some of you know I have been working on my script and storyboard for my first short film called "Money well spent" which is a about this guy going to a psychic but doesn't know that he's being scammed by his girlfriend, hehe.
Last week and this week I have been producing it.
To fill those in who are not aware of the producers job then that basically means that I am in the process of preparing and organizing the whole shoot...Actors, props, locations, costumes, makeup etc. I am telling you know as my witness that I will never end up as a producer, ever!
What a headache. Anyway I have got pretty much everything but actors so I am auditioning all this week. I had the 'not' so great idea to send every actor managements in Perth emails only to be flooded back with responses and i mean flooded! The good news is that I will never have shortage of actors ever again. And when all that kerfuffle has finished I will hopefully be shooting the film next week.
The next project which is also being shot in the next 2 weeks is a short film for Revel8 film festival. It is shot on a Super 8 camera on a black and white film with no sound. It is going to be a Charlie Chaplin wannabe film called "The Line", so think big facial expressions and exaggerated acting...Should be lots of fun:)

Yes people there is more...
Then I am waiting for an answer from this engineering company to shoot a documentary for them on some robots that they made, who are good for the environment...fingers crossed.
Also me and the BF are meeting up with this woman who wants us to cut this documentary for her that will be on TV! Damn straight!
And last but not least I will be training for filming and cutting wedding videos. Something I am thinking on doing on weekends...Big money I hear;)

And of course I got sick with all this going on...Isn't life just full of surprises!

That's all for now...Please comment!
Au revoir x


  1. Vá ekkert smá mikið að gera hjá þér og frábært hvað ykkur er að ganga vel í þessu öllu. Hugsa til þín og er ótrúlega stolt af þér. momz

  2. I lived in Norway when I was younger, so was very stoked to see that Norway won the Eurovision! Wasn't it such a funny competition? It's such great entertainment, every single year! xoxo TC

  3. I looooove eurovision! Iceland's entry was good, that girl is so pretty.
    Your life sounds so exciting right now! Lots of opportnuties, enjoy!

  4. þú ert æði ;* maður er bara proud af þér hérna megin ;)

  5. Hey, ég fékk að vita það í dag að ég fæ íbúð á Eskifirði og verð þar í sumar (og já það er net innifalið í leigunni þannig að þú þarft ekkert að óttast). Svo skrapp ég líka á Seyðisfjörð í dag. Greinilega gríðarlega spennandi hlutir að gerast hjá okkur báðum;)

  6. jahérna hér... brjálað að gera elskan :) þetta er magnað...
    og já þetta var flott, ísland að gera góða hluti í eurovision ... verð nú að segja að samlandar mínír spánverjar báru nú ekki höfuð hátt eftir þetta... ekki eins og ég allavega... proud to be Icelandic :*