Sunday, 19 April 2009

A Stylish Drifter

I was browsing my usual daily sites and I came across these amazing photos.
I am in love with this style!!!
The outfit works so well together. I adore the braids in her hair and the silver purse to add a touch of glamour...just beautiful.
And the model is gorgeous of course.

I feel like updating my wardrobe so I can experiment more with this style.
I have been longing for a fur/faux fur jacket or west and now I have to look even harder.
Fashion Toast is such an fashion inspiration for me and I recommend everyone to take a look.

Thats all from me,
Adios x


  1. Þetta lítur ótrúlega vel út... einmitt eitthvað sem mig langar að gera að skoða mig um og prófa nýjan stíl og svona, allir hafa gott af því annað slagið að breyta til!

  2. awesome photos! you should definately try something like that - and you're absolutely right about the silver purse being just the right touch of glamour to this otherwise kind of boho look.

    btw: i am a freelancer and have done some work for a new site recently. it's called sense of fashion. it's perfect for someone who, like you, would like to experiment with their style. check it out here: or visit my profile here:

    have a nice day :)