Thursday, 2 April 2009

The music video shoot!

I thought I'd share this with you,

Other other day I was asked to shoot 'behind the scenes' on a friends music video shoot.
I of course gladly accepted the offer since I have never had the experience and it would also be an other thing to add to my show reel.
Hmm...a rap video, should be interesting:)

I had to wake up very early the get the right sunlight and tide.
I have to admit that it was so much fun! I am seriously thinking about shooting music videos professionally!
Dialekt was a complete pro. He had to endure uncomfortable contact lenses, heavy chains, ice cold water and the DRY ICE!!!
The props were certanly exiting. they consisted of big heavy chains, heaps of dry ice and a huge hunting knife!

Also a big highlight was that dolphins decided to join in on the fun while Dialekt was in the water. There was a big scare for a moment as we thought they were SHARKS! But quickly realised they were harmless dolphins:)

All in all the whole shoot went really well and without any dramas and I'm very happy with the footage that I've got.

That's all from me.

Adios x


  1. woah, that's awesome! you definitely look the part!

  2. Þetta er alveg magnað ... var búin að skoða þessar myndir á facebook hjá steinari :) Flott að þú sért að gera góða hluti... svo þegar þú verður frægur direktor eða eitthvað svoleiðis máttu ekki gleyma mér:)